To Protect School Boards and Teachers, FBI Utilizes ‘Threat Tags’

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To grapple with the heated and occasionally violent clashes over culture war issues like the teaching of racism and mask requirements, the FBI has created a “threat tag” to apply to reports of threats, harassment and violence against school officials and assess the extent of the problem, reports the New York Times. Tags are used by the bureau to track trends and share information across offices, and are commonly used for crimes like drug offenses and human trafficking. Despite Republican claims, the FBI said that the creation of a threat-tracking system for school-related issues was intended to deter violence, not to silence or intimidate parents with strongly held views.

The initiative comes in response to a recent memo sent by Attorney General Merrick B. Garland directing the FBI and the 94 U.S. attorneys’ offices to meet with local law enforcement agencies by early November to discuss how to address the threats against school officials and to open “dedicated lines of communication for threat reporting, assessment and response.” Recently, public debates over mask mandates, curriculum about race and policies regarding gender issues have boiled over into physical fights, arrests, disorderly conduct and threats against school officials. While Republicans insist that Garland is attacking free speech, and that his memo is a political move to appease the White House, the Attorney General has reiterated several times that his directive was meant only to address violence and threats of violence and that the department would not crack down on free speech.

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