DHS Warns of Growing Threat From Domestic Extremists

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White nationalist protesters at last year's Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va. Photo by Anthony Crider via Flickr

A new intelligence bulletin by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warns of increased activity from domestic extremists to exploit false narratives and promote violence online.

The bulletin highlights the rise in calls for attacks on members of Congress and public health and school officials, and online sharing of information about how to build bombs, reports NBC News.

Extremists are capitalizing on concerns about the resettlement of Afghan refugees inside the U.S., and disinformation about the pandemic.

The ongoing pandemic continues to be a spark for violent rhetoric, DHS found, especially by those angered by mask and vaccine mandates and restrictions on normal activity.

Foreign intelligence services, foreign terrorist organizations and domestic violent extremists “continue to introduce, amplify and disseminate narratives online calling for violence,” the bulletin said.

They also “continue to derive inspiration and obtain operational guidance regarding the use of IEDs and small arms through the consumption of information shared in online forums.”

John Cohen, DHS’ head of counterterrorism and intelligence, told a House committee recently that “the period of threat that we are in today is one of the most complex, volatile and dynamic that I have experienced in my career.

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