Chicago Cops Who Raided Wrong Home & Handcuffed Naked Woman Face Suspension

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A new report from the Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability recommends that several Chicago police officers should be suspended or terminated for their role in the dehumanizing raid of Anjanette Young’s home two years ago, reports USA Today. Young, a Black social worker, had just returned home from work when officers broke into her home and handcuffed her while she was naked and alone, despite having not committed any crime.  The report raises nearly 100 allegations of misconduct against 15 involved officers, concluding that many of them violated applicable laws and policies, including “knock-and-announce guidance” that failed to let Young clothe herself before police entered her home. Three officers failed to activate their body cameras and none of them had received more than a few hours of warrant-related training since leaving the police academy.

The report singled out Alain Aporongao, the officer who signed the affidavit supporting the warrant application. Aporongao refused to cooperate with the investigation and to identify other department employees who helped him with the warrant investigation and approval. It also noted that Sgt. Alex Wolinski who, with Aporongao, didn’t present the search warrant to Young and “failed to take reasonable actions to protect her dignity” in keeping her handcuffed naked for at least 10 minutes. The report recommended that Aporongao face a minimum 180-day suspension, Wolinski a minimum year-long suspension, and Sgt. Cory Petracco, who was not present at the raid, but supervised Aporongao, face a minimum year-long suspension that could all include termination. The report also recommended suspensions for five other officers, ranging from one to 60 days, which did not include possible termination.

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  1. All these officers who allowed this to happen should be charged and the victim should sue them and they should be fined financially and also their wives and parents should be fined to make them remember the lowlife they are related to.

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