Biden Balks at Compensation Considered for Separated Migrant Families

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President Joe Biden has rejected an option for $450,000 in monetary compensation for migrants separated from family members at the border under former President Donald J. Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, flatly denying that it was ever on the table during ongoing negotiations with lawyers representing the families, reports the New York Times. Lawyers representing the migrants have argued that the United States government wronged the families by separating roughly 5,500 children from their parents under the Trump-era policy.

In addition to financial compensation, the ACLU is also trying to reach a settlement with the government that would provide, among other things, a pathway for the families to remain in the United States and receive social services. Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to also use another Trump-era border policy that rapidly turns away many migrants at the border without providing them a chance to ask for asylum in the United States. The administration has said the policy is necessary to contain the ongoing pandemic.

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