2 thoughts on “Nine Sites in Rural America Named Seedbeds for Justice Reform

  1. What is Public Safety? A good definition without politics would be;
    At a high level, public safety involves protecting the public — safeguarding people from crimes, disaster, and other potential dangers and threats. In the United States, public safety is the dedicated responsibility of certain government organizations and local departments. Think police officers, security agents, emergency response teams, fire forces, parole officers, and more. No matter the role, the primary goal of public safety professionals is to prevent danger and to protect the well being of citizens, communities, and organizations.
    Unfortunately PUBLIC SAETY is a term that has been used incorrectly in America for decades to create fear in communities and therefore gather public support for poor use of sentencing, mandatory minimums and basically to keep criminals off the streets by unfair, unbalanced, and over the top sentencing. The idea of keeping criminals off the the streets sounds good in theory, especially in affluent neighborhoods. This does not however PREVENT crime! It is reactionary not proactive. It has created a country with unfair sentencing practices, A substantial shift of power in the courtrooms, DISTRICT ATTORNYS whelm as much or more power than the judge, a plethora of wrongful convictions, and an entire subsection of the population who suffer inequality in the housing, and job market. (Just look at all the help wanted ads being unfilled.) Not to mention in our state of FLORIDA the largest pie piece of the annual budget is Florida Department of Corrections. And this will continue to be UNTIL real police investigation take place, and a change to a more modern, fair and societal system is put in place. Rewriting laws of the 1960’s. and 70’s.reviewing of cases to insure proper standards were followed insuring the person who did the crime is the person in custody and for reasonable time for both punishment and rehabilitation, within a reasonable time period of sentencing. Instituting sentencing that allows for time of punishment for the crime and real rehabilitation to follow insuring a returning individual who is allowed to be part of the community, not a outcast. For the system we currently are using is a model of unsustainability and a economic and community nightmare.

  2. What about Kentucky?? 1 Of the highest incarceration rates, higher recidivism for lack of Reentry Programs and a Parole Board who has FULL discretion who’s released deferred or serve out. Some people have completed their time as court ordered, years ago yet they now have to remain in a prison for the rest of their lives.
    How pitiful is Kentucky?
    I know. I live here unfortunately with a son in the system.
    He went in jail where he remains when he was 21 and he’s 5 months away from 25 now.
    Abuse, inhumane treatment, lack of medical care with disfigurements, very little mental health.
    I am so over Kentucky and what they get away with. It’s time to make every person aware of what Truly goes on.

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