Congress to U.S. Military: Keep Track of Your Guns

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Congress is set to force America’s armed services to keep better track of their guns and explosives, imposing new rules in response to an Associated Press investigation that showed firearms stolen from U.S. bases have resurfaced in violent crimes, reports the Associated Press. Under the proposals, the Department of Defense would tell both lawmakers and civilian law enforcement authorities more about guns that vanish from military armories, shipments and warehouses.

Noting a lack of reporting of missing weapons on the part of the Department of Defense, lawmakers in both the House and Senate responded by writing stricter accountability into each chamber’s version of the National Defense Authorization Act. That bipartisan, must-pass legislation sets policy priorities for the Pentagon. And while the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, told senators recently that he would seek a “systematic fix” within the Department of Defense — regardless of what Congress did, and the Army and Marines have said their service branches are making changes to how they account for weapons, some lawmakers argue that the DOD has yet to develop a coherent strategy for improving how it accounts for military weapons and equipment.

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