New ‘Bureau of Cyberspace’ Will Guard U.S. Digital Security

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As part of the latest overhaul by the Biden administration aimed at treating cyber threats as a top-tier national security issue, the State Department is creating a new bureau of cyberspace and digital policy to be led by a Senate-confirmed ambassador-at-large and a new, separate special envoy for critical and emerging technology, reports the Wall Street Journal. The move is part of ongoing organizational changes within the department to confront international cybersecurity challenges such as ransomware and waning global digital freedom.

The State Department is completing details of the cyberspace and digital policy bureau’s size and budget with lawmakers.  The new cyber bureau will comprise a division focused on international cybersecurity issues, such as deterrence, policy development, and negotiations with allies and adversaries alike. A second division will be dedicated to digital policy, such as promoting trusted telecom systems abroad. A third division will focus on digital freedom, such as protecting human rights online and working with civil society. The new special envoy for critical and emerging technology will be responsible for coordinating international policy on artificial intelligence, quantum computing, biotechnology and other fields, officials said. It will be involved in diplomatic efforts around the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council, among other issues. See also: Natural Disasters Could Leave Communities Exposed to Cyberattacks.

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