New York City Police Watchdog Recommends 65 NYPD Officers for Discipline 

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After receiving 750 complaints “relating to the behavior of NYPD officers at the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer,” the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board has suggested discipline for 65 officers with the New York Police Department accused of misconduct, reports Insider. It has since completed 127 full investigations into the complaints, resulting in 42 substantiated claims of misconduct containing 91 allegations against 65 officers.

The CCRB said “unprecedented challenges” have hindered its investigations into the complaints due to officers failing to follow protocol, including covering their names and shield. Some officers in New York appeared to cover their badges with black bands at protests, which advocates accused them of using to hide misconduct.  An NYPD spokesperson said at the time that officers wore mourning bands to honor the officers who have died from COVID-19. “Unfortunately, 34 percent of complaints could not be effectively investigated due to an inability to identify officers,” the watchdog agency said in the statement. “This is a jump from an average of 10 percent in all CCRB cases in 2020.”

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