2 thoughts on “Sex Crime Cases Still Leave Women Waiting for Justice, Despite #MeToo

  1. Eliminating statutes of limitations is a big mistake. We obviously lerarned nothing from the Satanic Panic era.

    Part of the problem with “Believe All Women” is that those who adhere to this mantra never consider some women lie, and do so for various reasons.

    In the news feed today, a man in NC was acquitted from an accusation of voyeurism. While this man was awaiting trial, he lost his job as a school coach, could not be employed as a bailbondsman, and both he and his fiancee could no longer keep foster children. The falsely accused faced a social death due to Predator Panic. And since this guy was in the paper, there will always be that lingering doubt about his innocence, because “Believe All Women.”

    The feminists and SJWs like to claim that only 2% of rape claims are false, but even if that lowball number was true, that still means there are thousands of innocent people in prisons and on the sex offense registry right now.

    • Oh no, the twitter campaign didn’t fix the prevalent misogyny…

      Maybe if we could do a good job of investigating every case, it wouldn’t come down to he said / she said.

      Side note, men and boys can be and are raped, as well. Their cases deserve to be looked at just as carefully.

      When “women are liars, think about his career” is still the prevailing attitude, it’s actually only harming both sides. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center puts the false report rate at 2 percent to 10 percent. It’s difficult to put an exact number because of the amount of cases without evidence and the lack of understanding of sexual assault itself. If there was better understanding of sexual assault and its effects, I imagine the number would be even lower. More importantly, if we could trust the investigation process to come back with what actually happened, then the innocent accused would be seen as innocent and the guilty could get the punishment they deserve.

      Not that you are likely to change your mind because of what I’ve said. None of the points I’ve made line up with what you like to hear or believe. It’s inconvenient for you, how people keep getting raped and then calling men out about it, isn’t it.

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