Justice Sotomayor Slams Lack of Diversity on High Court

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Justice Sonia Sotomayor has recently lamented the Supreme Court’s lack of professional diversity during a New York University Law School, reports Bloomberg News. “When Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed, we lost our only civil rights lawyer,” Sotomayor said, appearing remotely at the event marking the fifth anniversary of the school’s center for diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

“That kind of diversity, diversity in experience, is something that I think we are sorely missing,” the Barack Obama appointee said. The justices lack legal experience with women’s rights, racial rights, disability rights, immigration, environmental law, or criminal defense “outside of perhaps some white collar work,” she said. Sotomayor pointed out that, because the court touches so many areas of law and has such tremendous impact, diversity should be of prime concern to those selecting judges.

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