Texas Doctor Sued for Violating State’s Abortion Ban

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Two civil suits have been filed against Alan Braid, a physician in San Antonio who admitted to performing an abortion considered illegal under the new Texas law, which empowers private citizens to enforce the ban on abortion once cardiac activity has been detected, potentially testing the constitutionality of the nation’s most restrictive abortion ban, reports the New York Times.

Braid stepped forward last week to say that he provided an abortion to a woman who was in the early stages of pregnancy, but beyond the state’s limit. Oscar Stilley, a former Arkansas lawyer convicted of tax fraud in 2010, said he decided to file a lawsuit to test the constitutionality of the Texas measure after reading a news report about Braid’s declaration. He believes that the measure should be subject to judicial review. The second lawsuit was filed by an Illinois man, Felipe N. Gomez. Until Braid’s public admission, abortion clinics in Texas said they were abiding by the new restrictions and sending women to Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico to terminate their pregnancies.

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