More Indictments Predicted in Trump Real Estate Probe

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There’s just no excuse for dry skin anymore. Not when there’s a world of body creams and body oils to try.  Maybe your body moisturizer is infused with state-of-the-art chemistry. That’s how it penetrates your skin to lock in moisture. Or maybe you lean toward organic. Many of the best body lotions and body oils for women are built on nature. After a shower, prevent your skin from turning dry and itchy.  Slathering on the body oil. It seals in the moisture. Osea makes an organic Seaweed and botanical-based body oil. It’s packed with acai, babassu, and ayurvedic sesame oils. Other organic body lotions are made with jojoba oil, argan oil, aloe, you name it. Creme de Coprs from Kiehl’s draws on antioxidants from carrots, cocoa butter, and sesame oil. Another popular product: Play Everyday Lotion from SuperGoop. This body lotion boasts sunflower extract along with ingredients that protect and soothe.

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