Amnesty: 10 Women and Girls Killed Daily in Mexico

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Juarez demonstration against femicide. Over 400 women are believed dead. Photo by Aine Philips via Flickr

A new report by Amnesty International has found that at least 10 women and girls are murdered every day in Mexico, documenting both the scale of the violence and the disturbing lack of interest on the part of Mexican authorities to prevent or solve the murders, reports The Guardian.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has downplayed the problem, branding the women protesting on International Women’s Day as “conservatives” and alleging a dark hand manipulating the demonstrations.

In addition, officials often resist moves to raise awareness and mobilise resources as governors worry about their states’ images and investment.

Mexico recorded the murders of 3,723 women in 2020. Some 940 of those murders were investigated as femicides. The report found cases of families carrying out their own detective work, which were ignored by investigators.

In many cases, authorities contaminated crime scenes or mishandled evidence. They often did not even pursue leads such as geolocation information from victims’ mobile phones.

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