Wrongfully Accused Chicago Man Alleges Torture, Sues City, Prosecutor and Cops

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In a recently filed lawsuit, Keith Walker, who claims he was tortured into confessing to the murder of Shawn Wicks 29 years ago, is demanding accountability from the city of Chicago, Cook County and Chicago police officers involved in his arrest, prosecution and conviction, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The lawsuit claims Walker was forced to sign a false confession to the murder of Shawn Wicks, a white teenager from Arlington Heights, after being physically and psychologically abused in 1991 by police officers who called him the N-word, beat him and connected a battery to his arm to jolt him with electricity, all while under the watch of former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge.

The suit also claims Chicago police officers and Cook County prosecutors fabricated and suppressed evidence, and city government officials concealed their knowledge of ongoing torture and abuse under Burge. Walker was 23 when he was arrested for the murder of Wicks. He was incarcerated until the Illinois attorney general’s office dropped charges against him in August 2020.

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