Louisiana Judge Offers COVID-19 Vaccinations as Alternative to Community Service

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To tackle rising COVID-19 cases in his district, Judge Fred Crifasi offers vaccines in In East Baton Rouge, some people appearing before Judge Fred Crifasi, of the 19th Judicial District Court, are being afforded the opportunity to get vaccinated in lieu of certain community service hours, reports the Washington Post. The judge began offering the alternative earlier this week, amid a surge in case numbers in Louisiana. In that time, roughly 19,000 cases have been reported in the state. Louisiana is among states with the highest daily reported cases per capita in the nation.

East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore said his office supports the vaccination deals, adding that many community service obligations might involve interacting with populations that have lacked access to vaccines. “Getting vaccinated is a service to the community,” Judge Crifasi said in a statement. “So, if a probation candidate is inclined to get vaccinated, I will grant credit for that effort toward any requirement of community service. The amount of hours varies and depends on the person’s circumstances.”

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