Transgender Police Officer Sues for Prejudicial Language and Discrimination

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A transgender police officer with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey sued the agency, claiming he was referred to as “it” and subjected to other taunts and discrimination, reports Bloomberg News. Michael McConaughey, who has worked as a Port Authority officer since 2013, alleges that his colleagues and supervisors repeatedly referred to him by his former name and delayed allowing him to switch restrooms and locker rooms for more than six months. In addition, a colleague referred to him as “it,” a “transvestite” and “whatever it is,” according to his recent suit filed in federal court in Manhattan.

McConaughey said he lodged a series of complaints with his supervisors and the Port Authority’s human resources office, but that the complaints “had no obvious impact.” A supervisor retaliated against him for raising concerns about the Port Authority’s handling of his transition by complaining about him to his union. McConaughey has requested monetary damages to be determined at a jury trial.

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