Crime Rate on NYC Subways Dropping to Pre-Pandemic Levels

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According to new data from the NYPD, crime on the subway is dropping to close to levels before COVID. This drop can be attributed to the boost in police patrols in the subway system as well as the increase of ridership, reports Fox 5 NY. Data shows that during the month of May, 168 major felonies were reported. This number dropped to 111 in June. Around this time, MTA officials added 200 private security guards to the system and the mayor announced 125 extra police would be patrolling during the morning and evening rush-hour.

Data also shows that ridership increased as there were nearly 66 million subway trips in June, up from the 58 million in May. While this data shows a decrease in crime, it doesn’t mean crime is gone from the subway. On Sunday, three young men were robbed at gunpoint at the 59th ST./Columbus Circle Station. No one was injured and the suspects got away.

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