One thought on “Does ‘Overpolicing’ Social Media Threaten Free Speech?

  1. The real issue is that social media, like all media, is dominated by the wealthy. There is actually little debate. Most of the voices are the same, and paid to be that way. Yes, people should be held accountable for who they amplify and who they defame in a world full of lies. Yet in truth, much of what you see on social media are highly refined techniques that have been used for years by those in power to stay in power. These are Master Marketers practicing their craft. (It is difficult not to feel like this article by a journalism professor in Florida is not more of the same.) And yes, the Popper Paradox has been proven out time & time again in human history. That aside for the moment, the real challenge is that we must find a way to ensure MORE, DIFFERENT voices are heard, and social media is truly failing in that regard – which was its great promise! One quick example: Universal Health Care. It’s a top issue for most families. It around 70% support across the nation, across all demographics, which is incredible. Yet, it is NOT even discussed! If you try to bring it up, there is a good chance you will be shadow banned on social media. If there was even 5% support for any idea, we should hear it. Hmmm… it is curious what social media spends most of its time upon.

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