Ransomware Attack Costs Baltimore Public Schools $7.7 Million

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A November ransomware attack will cost the Baltimore County public school system an estimated minimum of $7.7 million, an updated figure that puts the county close to the $10 million Baltimore City spent to recover from its own ransomware attack in 2019, reports the Baltimore Sun. The estimated costs cover a wide range of programs, services, training and licenses that helped Maryland’s third-largest school system respond to and recover from the attack, which took place the day before Thanksgiving and canceled two days of online classes for 111,000 students.

Among the largest expenditures was more than $2 million to move computer applications to a cloud-based system and more than $1.4 million for a one-year license on Windows security software. Executive director for fiscal services George Sarris projected the final price tag could top more than $8 million. Baltimore County school system was paying for cyber insurance at the time of the attack. The system’s policy covers up to $2 million for direct costs caused by the ransomware attack and $3 million for liability costs.

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