Border Arrests in May Reached 20-Year High

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Border arrests have soared since President Joe Biden took office, and figures from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) show that U.S. authorities intercepted 180,034 migrants from multiple countries along the Mexico border in May, the busiest month yet for illegal crossings that are now at a 20-year high, reports the Washington Post. Declines in the apprehension of child migrants and family groups were offset by another increase in single adult migrants, with 121,082 apprehended last month.

The 180,034 taken into custody in May was not a tally of unique individuals, and 38 percent of those CBP detained had been stopped along the border during the previous 12 months as adults expelled by U.S. authorities under a provision of the public health code simply attempt entries again and again without fear of legal consequence or jail time. The latest CBP data show a major increase in the number of non-Mexican and non-Central American migrants encountered along the border, with authorities detaining 40,067 migrants from other nations such as Cuba, Haiti, and countries in Africa last month, up from 9,671 in January.

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