Capitol Rioters Retain Trump Impeachment Lawyers for Defense

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Attorneys Michael van der Veen and Bruce Castor, who defended former President Donald Trump at his Senate impeachment trial over allegedly inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, now find themselves defending at least three people charged in connection with the Capitol breach, reports NPR. Prosecutors allege that van der Veen’s client, Marine Corps veteran Jason Dolan of Florida, is affiliated with the extremist militia group the Oath Keepers and that he helped plan, and ultimately participated in the storming of the Capitol.

Castor is representing Kristina Malimon, 28, and her mother, Yevgeniya Malimon, 54, who were arrested on the evening of Jan. 6 outside the Capitol building after failing to follow repeated police orders to disperse in violation of a curfew order.  Authorities in Washington, D.C., have charged both women with unlawful entry of public property, a misdemeanor. It’s unclear how they came to represent these defendants, and whether their experience in the impeachment trial might inform their legal arguments. Kristina Malimon is connected to Republican politics, which may provide some clues as to how she retained Castor’s legal help. Van der Veen founded the law firm where Castor works, and the firm focuses on both personal injury and criminal defense cases.

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