‘Dine and Dash’: Growing Crime Hits Los Angeles Restaurants

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As Los Angeles restaurants prepare to fully reopen on June 15, many are falling victim to increasing burglary and vandalism, reports Crosstown. Data from the Los Angeles Police Department shows that the number of reported crimes at restaurants rose to 187 in April, from 160 in March and 142 in February. Instances in which force was involved occurred in 17 percent of restaurant crimes reported between Feb. 1 and April 30, the period when crime rates started to rise. Restaurant owners also report numerous cases of customers who leave without paying their bill, known in the trade as “dine and dash.”  There have also been 61 instances of assault. While most restaurants in LA had to close their doors to in-person service for much of 2020, burglaries never really stopped, says Lilly Rocha, executive director of the Latino Restaurant Association. Rocha says that it’s “crazy” that as businesses reopen after a rough year of extended shutdowns and layoffs, crime is increasing.

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