Bystander Videos Create Trauma for Black Victims and Families: Professor

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Bystander videos have become powerful documentation of acts of racism and police brutality, but as they spread throughout the news and social media, these videos can repeatedly re-expose victims, family members, and witnesses to traumatic events, reports the New York Times. The upsurge of videos also could create a harmful “feedback loop,” which makes it seem as though Black Americans need to provide visual documentation of racist violence in order to be believed, says Allissa V. Richardson, a professor of journalism and communication at the University of Southern California.

In contrast, she adds, videos or photos of violent attacks against white Americans aren’t usually replayed on endless loops. “News organizations should not show videos of people’s deaths without the permission of the families, and that they should be more judicious about how often images of racist violence are shown.” She suggests to the general public to reconsider watching or sharing videos of violence against Black Americans and instead take action like pushing for police reform.

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