Poll: Hispanics Fear COVID, Gun Violence and Discrimination

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One year after George Floyd’s murder, COVID-19, gun violence, and racial discrimination are the top concerns among Hispanics in the U.S., reports an Axios-Ipsos poll on race relations. Four out of 10 Hispanic respondents ranked the novel coronavirus as the topic they found most worrisome. Only 23 percent of whites felt the same. Around 32 percent of Hispanics said they were more worried about crime or gun violence compared to 28 percent of white and 43 percent of Black Americans. Nearly three out of 10 Hispanics polled ranked racial injustice and discrimination as their top concern compared to 59 percent of Black Americans. Barely 17 percent of their white neighbors felt the same. About 52 percent of Hispanics believe that race relations have slightly or significantly worsened since the death of Floyd. Around 62 percent of Black Americans felt the same compared to 48 percent of whites. Just 21 percent of Hispanic respondents listed immigration as their top concern — tied with climate change for the fifth spot.

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