California Ranked as Most Vulnerable to Cybersabotage

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In an analysis of the 2020  FBI Internet Crime Report, Rublon, a leading two-factor authentication firm, revealed which states have the highest chances of being targeted for cyber attacks. The platform examined the number of cybercrimes committed in each state/district in the US and then revealed what that number was per 100,000 living in each state. California was revealed as the worst overall state for cybercrimes, while Missouri had the highest average cost per victim at $63,549, 17 times higher than the lowest state, Montana.

In 2020, cyber attacks cost Americans more than $4.2 billion and 160,000 people were victims of cyber criminals. The most common type of cyber attack in 2020 were phishing scams (241,342 victims), which occurred more than twice as much as the next common attack, non-payment (108,869 victims). Extortion was the third most popular crime (76,741 victims) followed by personal data breaches (45,330). Persons aged over 60 were the most common targets for cyber crimes (23 percent of all victims) and lost $966 million last year.

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