25 States Seek to Deny Sacklers Opioid Immunity

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Twenty-five state attorneys general, as well as a growing group of activists and advocates, have sought to block an attempt by the Sackler family, owners of PurduePharma, the maker of Oxycontin, to obtain immunity from future opioid lawsuits in exchange for forfeited control of their bankrupt drug company and $4.2 billion from their private fortunes, reports NPR. A negotiated settlement could pre-empt years of costly litigation – the Sacklers deny any wrongdoing – and might accelerate financial aid to communities struggling to recover from an opioid epidemic that has already cost more than 450,000 lives. Judge Robert Drain who is presiding over the case in White Plains, N.Y., has suggested such a deal may be desirable and achievable along these broad lines.

Late last week, the group of state attorneys general filed a new brief describing the proposed settlement as “unprecedented,” “unjust” and “unconfirmable as a matter of law.” Attorneys representing local and state governments, native tribes and opioid activists have also filed briefs raising legal and ethical concerns about the plan and a division of the Justice Department that oversees bankruptcy cases also filed a brief questioning whether the bankruptcy court has the “authority and jurisdiction” to approve such a plan. The Sacklers are negotiating to use a rare and controversial bankruptcy procedure known as “non-consensual third-party releases,” that would protect themselves and their assets from lawsuits linked to the opioid crisis.

2 thoughts on “25 States Seek to Deny Sacklers Opioid Immunity

  1. Where to start…
    TRUE Opiate addiction is very rare, 4 in 1000. 996 in 1000 exposed will NEVER “addict”. Pain patients have been cut-off, …ten-million of us, some of these have suicided, counting veterans 20 a day suicide from doctors refusing to continue to prescribe pain medicine, the safe and effective pharmaceutically manufactured, dose precise, doctor monitored MEDICINAL Opiates.

    Nearly ALL of the overdoses and Opiate Use Disorders reside among ILLICIT USERS OF STREET PRODUCTS. PRESCRIBING IS DOWN MORE THAN 50% since 2012, OVERDOSES DEATHS ARE UP 100% SINCE 2019.
    Incurable severe pain sufferers have collected under various ‘pain groups’ at Facebook, etc, …like the strong Don’t Punish Pain Rally, we are getting nowhere and the effort has been powerful and precise and supported by some of the countries best physicians. We are getting nowhere for the false narrative that have been blasted far and wide that prescription Opiates prescribed under a medical doctor’s care “fueled opioid crisis”…

  2. Like ANY substance we take into our bodies it must journey through our genetic frame work and is metabolized according to its ability. Opiates are very safe and effective for most. It’s a good story that there is a ‘monster under the bed’, but it is not entirely true. Opiates are and will always be essential medicines. We will find out fast if there is a big quake on the coast before production gets back up to speed. But until then we still get Sickle Cell Anemia, knee replacements, spinal stenosis, cancer, Lupus, failed surgery, car accidents, etc, etc, etc.

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