New York Lawmakers Push for ‘Clean Slate’ Bill

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Democratic Party lawmakers in New York this week are unveiling a “clean slate” bill that is meant to lessen the impact of criminal convictions on a person once their sentence is completed, that would expunge or seal some criminal convictions, reports Spectrum News. The bill would cover both misdemeanor and felony convictions. Records for misdemeanor convictions would be sealed a year after the sentence is imposed and three years for a felony.

Misdemeanor convictions would be expunged after five years and felonies after seven years. People who are listed on sex offender registries would not be covered. State lawmakers and advocates on Thursday will launch a campaign push for the bill’s approval in the coming weeks of the legislative session as part of Second Chance Advocacy Day. Advocates have argued criminal convictions can follow a person through their life and affect their ability to obtain and keep a job. See also “Women Need a Clean Slate After Prison,” The Crime Report, April 12, 2021

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