Lisa Monaco Confirmed as Deputy Attorney General

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Facing a rise in domestic extremism and threats from abroad, the Senate on Tuesday confirmed Lisa Monaco to be deputy attorney general, putting a seasoned national-security official in charge of the Justice Department’s day-to-day operations, reports the Wall Street Journal. Monaco, 53 years old, was confirmed in a 98-2 vote, with Democrats and Republicans alike praising her ample experience for the department’s No. 2 post. She has worked in national-security and law-enforcement jobs for nearly two decades, serving at the end of the Obama administration as the president’s homeland-security adviser after he considered her as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Monaco will oversee the Justice Department’s operations, including criminal investigations and prosecutions around the country.

She will also supervise agencies reporting to the department, including the FBI and the Bureau of Prisons, and decide on questions arising from other matters including foreign-intelligence surveillance requests and white-collar criminal investigations. She said during her confirmation hearing in March that the investigation into the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol would be her priority. She also said she would reaffirm the Justice Department’s independence and protect Americans from threats including domestic and foreign terrorism and cybercrime.

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