Despite Promises, Biden Administration Continues Land Grabs for Border Wall

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Nearly three months into office, Joe Biden’s administration is seizing land near the southern border, fueling fears that the government will continue building a border wall despite Biden’s many promises to the contrary, reports Politico. This week, the U.S. government seized six acres from a family in Hidalgo County, Texas, the result of a Trump-era court case designed to help construct the border wall. The Biden administration never withdrew from or asked to dismiss the case, according to documents and interviews. Administration officials said they didn’t do so because they are still in the midst of a review of federal resources used to build the wall. But that review, which was put into place through a proclamation Biden signed on his first day in office, was supposed to be finished by March 20. And officials have offered no timetable for its completion.

Trump completed more than 400 miles of a wall along the southern border before he left office, in large part by invoking an emergency declaration that allowed him to divert money from the Pentagon budget in 2019 and 2020 to pay for construction in four locations along the Mexican border. About 140 eminent domain cases — which allow the federal government to acquire private land for public use — remain active along the border in south Texas, according to the Texas Civil Rights Project, which represents a handful of families, including the Cavazos. Biden said in an interview a few months before the November election that he would not only not build “another foot of wall” but he would end those eminent domain cases, too. His administration has, instead, not withdrawn from these court cases and even conceded that the wall could continue to be built or modified.

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