445 Undocumented Children Still in Custody, Separated From Parents

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According to a court filing on Wednesday, lawyers still cannot find the parents of 445 children. A majority of the children are believed to have parents who were deported, while more than 100 children are believed to have parents currently in the United States, reports the New York Times. The government has yet to provide contact information that would help locate the families of more than a dozen children. Only a fraction of the roughly 2,700 children who were initially separated under the policy still remain, and President Biden has indicated that reuniting those remaining children with their families is a priority. During his first week in office, President Biden signed an executive order creating a task force led by Alejandro N. Mayorkas, the Homeland Security secretary, to focus on reuniting families. However, while the initial searches began years ago, under the Trump administration, after the policy of family separation was rescinded in the summer of 2018, the current effort is proving more and more difficult as the Biden administration struggles to address a growing number of migrants seeking entry into the United States at the border with Mexico, including many children being held in jail-like facilities for longer than the law permits because of overcrowding.

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