Police Shut Down Organized Crime Secret Phone Network in Europe

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Police in Belgium and the Netherlands managed to shut down an encrypted phone network used by organized crime and arrested over 80 people and executed hundreds of raids, according to The Guardian. Belgian, Dutch and French police said they had hacked into the Sky ECC network, allowing them to look “over the shoulders” of suspects as they communicated with customized devices to plot drug deals and murders. In France, law enforcement officials have identified about 2,000 users of Sky ECC “allowing for procedures to be opened relating to large-scale drug operations and attacks on people,” the Paris prosecutor said. “The network we are dealing with seems to be almost exclusively used by large-scale criminals.” Police launched a top-secret operation to crack the Sky ECC network and “as of mid-February, authorities have been able to monitor the information flow of approximately 70,000 users,” The Hague-based law agencies said.

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