Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Appeal on Trump-Era Immigration Policy

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The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Monday to rule on a policy enacted by former President Donald Trump that said immigrants who receive government assistance would be ineligible for green cards, reports the Courthouse News Service. Trump rolled out the so-called public charge rule back in 2019.

In petitioning for review last fall before Trump’s 2020 election defeat, Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall wrote that New York did not meet the zone-of-interest requirement of the Administrative Procedures Act to challenge Trump’s rule. But New York argued in its response brief that the case was a nullity following President Joe Biden’s election. A New York federal judge enjoined the rule twice, finding most recently that it would deter immigrants from seeking treatment for Covid-19 and other government services. In another challenge to the same rule, the immigration rights organization Casa de Maryland obtained an injunction in Maryland that was later overturned by the Fourth Circuit. In addition to this case, the Supreme Court also decided to examine a challenge to a Trump policy denying denying federal funding to medical clinics that refer women for abortions and a case involving the rights of police officers to search homes without a warrant.

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