Biden Prepares Immigration Overhaul on His First Day

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President-elect Joe Biden’s legislative proposal on immigration, which will be sent to Congress on Wednesday, T includes addressing the root causes of migration from Central America, an enforcement plan that deploys technology to patrol the border, an eight-year pathway to citizenship for immigrants without legal status, and an expansion of refugee admissions, reports The Washington Post. The effort would mark the most substantial attempt at a comprehensive immigration overhaul since the Senate passed legislation in 2013, only to have it collapse in the House, then controlled by Republicans, the following year.

The president-elect’s plan has been met with praise from pro-immigration advocates and Democratic lawmakers who have toiled to overhaul the immigration system for decades. But it also comes at a time when the Republican Party, led by outgoing President Donald Trump, has shifted far rightward on immigration, complicating efforts at a deal that can get enough GOP support. Under Trump, Republican lawmakers favoring a more restrictive immigration system have gained a larger platform and, along with the president, have pushed measures limiting not only illegal but legal migration into the United States.

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