Judge Upholds Larry Flynt Fight to End Mob-Era Gambling Restrictions

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U.S. District Judge John Mendez gave life to the porn mogul Larry Flint’s fight to oust a California law that’s preventing the expansion of his gambling industry portfolio despite the state’s attempt to dismiss the entire case, reports the Courthouse News Service. Flynt, who owns Hustler Casino and Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino in Southern California, says he’s missed out on various investment opportunities over the years as a result of the law, enacted in 1986 by wary lawmakers hoping to keep the mob from opening legal card rooms in the Golden State. The law prevents Californians holding gaming licenses from investing in out-of-state casinos.

Arguing it’s not only outdated but unconstitutional, Flynt says the state could force him to divest from his nongambling businesses, such as his strip clubs, if one of his business partners simply opens an out-of-state casino. He contends that California is needlessly preventing them from investing in the nationwide gambling boom that’s sprouted over the last few decades.  The legislation not only prevents residents with California gaming licenses from investing in outside casinos, it bars out-of-state residents who own gambling activities from obtaining California cardroom licenses.

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