Father of Man MN Police Killed Protests Search

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Bayle Gelle awoke in the middle of the night and found his wife in the living room confronted by sheriff’s deputies. He says the officers turned their guns toward him and they were barking orders that he struggled to understand. Gelle would be told later that night that his son, Dolal Idd, 23, had been shot and killed before by police officers in a gas station parking lot in Minneapolis. The fatal police shooting on Wednesday was the first in Minneapolis since the killing of George Floyd in May. As Gelle sat on the floor, his wrists restrained in plastic handcuffs, he had no idea that his son had been killed, the New York Times reports.

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office said its deputies had acted “professionally and politely and followed procedure” as they executed a search warrant on the home in the Minneapolis suburb of Eden Prairie. Body camera footage showed several officers yelling, “Police, search warrant!” and “Let me see your hands!” as they poured through the front door. “Based on the video I’ve reviewed, I am proud of the professionalism displayed by our deputies during the execution of this search warrant,” said Sheriff David Hutchinson. Gelle said deputies had neither showed him the warrant nor told him what they were looking for at first. They were trying to determine if there were guns in the home belonging to Idd. Only as the officers were leaving did they tell Gelle that his son had been killed. Officers stopped Idd in his car at a gas station. Officers suspected that he had a weapon. Body camera footage shows the driver’s side window exploding outward, suggesting that Idd fired at the officers.

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