Justice Project Says Chicago DA Foxx Withheld Data

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The Chicago Justice Project sued Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, charging that her office has not fully disclosed data on seven nears of felony prosecutions. The project sought the information under the state Freedom of Information Act. The law requires public agencies to release data in a format that is accessible as possible, but Foxx’ office said it was not available in a more usable format, the project says. The justice project says Foxx’ chief data officer said the prosecution data is made up of 700 tables and 7,000 fields, but the agency has published only five tables and 141 fields on its website.

The project complains that Fox’ office removed fields identifying the prosecutors and police officers involved in each case before putting data online, making it impossible “to identify bad actors within the system.” The project said Thursday that it had filed a lawsuit “to force open the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office’s data once and for all.” Foxx is running for another four-year term on Nov. 3. Her challengers are Republican Pat O’Brien and Liberatrian Brian Dennehy. “I think I have a proud record to stand on; for the first three years of this administration, violent crime went down year over year, three years in a row,” she said, reports WLS-TV. O’Brien, is a former prosecutor who once served as chief of the criminal division, said, “If she wants, one, to take credit for the crime going down between 2017 and 2019, she also has to take the blame for crime going up to skyrocketing levels in 2020.”

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