Policing Group Announces Council on Reform and Race

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Police graduation ceremony, Philadelphia 2019. Courtesy City of Philadelphia via Flickr.

The National Police Foundation (NPF) announced on Thursday the creation of the Council on Policing Reforms and Race, a nonpartisan initiative of Black leaders.

The Council will “use research and evidence to consider and offer recommendations to resolve some of the most significant and pressing issues with regard to policing reforms and race.”

Going beyond past panels and “blue-ribbon councils,” the statement says this Council will be “distinguished by its aims of bringing together a broad cross-section of perspectives, infusing what we know and don’t know from science in relation to these issues, elevating the voices of Black Americans working inside and outside of the policing profession.”

The Council will be primarily comprised of Blacks from community organizations, research scholars, business leaders, elected officials, and policing leaders. They will “collectively make policy and practice recommendations.”

The Council is led by co-chairs Congressman Val Demmings of Florida, who serves on the House Judiciary Committee, and James Forman, Jr., a Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

Nancy Bilyeau, deputy editor of TCR, prepared this summary.

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