Tempe Chief Sylvia Moir Quits After City Seeks Change

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Tempe, Az., Police Chief Sylvia Moir has resigned after a four-year tenure, the Arizona Republic reports. The city did not give a reason for her departure. In an email announcing her departure, Moir said the city is seeking changes that led to her resignation. City officials have “been clear about who should finish the work and who should have a seat at the table for the reforms desired. These conversations have culminated in making the difficult decision to resign from my position.” City Manager Andrew Ching said he and Moir had been discussing the future of the police department for several weeks.

City leaders in Tempe have been discussing police reform and what policing should look after the death of George Floyd. Ching said he believed it was in the city’s best interest to hire a new leader to oversee long-term changes in the police department. “We’re at a very crucial time in our society. The focus on social justice and systemic racism, especially as it applies to the police department, — not just here, but nationwide — is a significant topic of concern for myself,” he said. “We have made a lot of progress but we have a lot of work to do and that work should be carried out by the next (police chief).”

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