Americans Split on Trump, Biden and ‘Law and Order’

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Nearly two-thirds of Americans are concerned about “law and order,” and they are split on whether President Donald Trump or Democrat Joe Biden is better suited to address it, found to a Monmouth University poll released Monday, USA Today reports. Sixty-five percent told pollsters maintaining law and order is a “major problem.” Only 25 percent call it a “minor problem” and eight percent said it was “not a problem.” Forty-eight percent said they are confident Trump can handle it while 52 percent were confident in Biden. Though Biden denounced violent protests after the death of George Floyd, Trump and his supporters have accused the Democratic nominee of tolerating the riots.

Asked about Trump’s response to the protests, 24 percent said the president had made things better, 61 percent said he made matters worse and 10 percent said he had no impact. Some 45 percent said Biden would have handled the situation better, 28 percent said he would have done worse and 23 percent thought things would have been about the same. Sixty-four percent said the anti-police brutality protests were justified. When asked if the movement would improve race relations, 14 percent said it would “a lot,” 28 percent said it would “a little” and 15 percent said it would make it a lot worse.

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