National Faith & Blue Weekend to Seek Reconciliation

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Photo by Nick KC7CBF via Flickr

Describing itself as “the most consolidated police-community engagement project in history,” a group announced on Tuesday the creation of National Faith & Blue Weekend (NFBW) to forge connections between law enforcement and residents at houses of worship across the country.

The “nationwide weekend of dialogue, collaboration, resolution and reconciliation” will take place October 9th through the 12th.

The events will include forums and town halls, peace and unity walks/marches, picnics, athletic events, vigils, and other activities that “foster an environment of problem-solving, resolution and reconciliation.”

NFBW is an extension of the One Congregation One Precinct initiative (OneCOP), a program of MovementForward, Inc. which is a solutions-focused, social change organization based in Atlanta, led by noted human and civil rights leader Reverend Markel Hutchins.

The law enforcement groups include Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, Fraternal Order of Police, Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Major Cities Chief Association and National Black Police Association.

According to a press statement, “police leaders will make a unified public appeal for collaboration, participation, healing and reconciliation across the country.”

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