What Works to Prevent Gun Violence? A Journalism ‘Solutions’ Archive

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Can better environmental design help to curb the U.S. epidemic of gun violence? What about the use of street-outreach violence interrupters?

These are some of the solutions many U.S. journalists are covering in stories about the most effective evidence-based strategies for reducing community gun violence.

A new collection of news stories using the “solutions journalism” framework for writing about gun violence is now available.

As the criminal justice specialist at the Solutions Journalism Network, I add stories every day to the Solutions Story Tracker archive under a variety of criminal justice categories, from prisons and policing to racial equity and preventing abuse of several types.

The Story Tracker now contains more than 9,700 rigorously reported stories on effective solutions to social problems, and other subject-matter specialists and I have begun creating curated collections of standout journalism on select topics.

All reflect the “solutions journalism” approach to writing about some of the most painful issues in the nation today. Unlike what some might term as “hard-edged” journalism that highlights problems in bold, sometimes sensational terms, “solutions” reporters focus on remedies that communities, nonprofits and other organizations have developed, often with impressive success.

I selected the 10 stories in the collection “What Works to Reduce Community Gun Violence?” based on the strategies that researchers have given the highest marks for consistent effectiveness. Environmental design and violence interrupters are two such strategies.

Others include focused deterrence, cognitive behavioral therapy, targeted police foot patrols, and gun-registration laws, to name just a few.

mark obbie

Mark Obbie

I will refresh this collection monthly, and you’re welcome to check back regularly.

Other criminal justice collections include collections on violence interrupters, restorative justice, police use of force policies, community-based crime reduction, bail reform, police-community relations, street violence and trauma, and many others.

Editor’s Note: The Center on Media, Crime and Justice at John Jay College, publisher of The Crime Report, has collaborated with the Solutions Journalism Network on several projects.

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Mark Obbie is a contributing editor at The Crime Report, a freelance criminal justice journalist, and the criminal justice solutions specialist at Solutions Journalism Network. Readers’ comments are welcome.

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