$7.5m in Grants Announced for Research on Gun Violence

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Illustration by Kostya Vacuum via Flickr

The National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research will award new grants totaling $7.5 million to fund research on officer-involved shootings as well as other areas related to firearm use during the pandemic.

The announcement Thursday represents the Collaborative’s second major investment in research aimed at helping to close the “funding gap” in gun policy research created by the federal government’s decision two decades ago to curtail research spending under pressure from gun control opponents.

The federal research freeze ended in 2019 after Washington committed $25 million to new research, but it remained a one-time expenditure.

The Collaborative awarded an initial round of $9.8 million to 17 research projects in July 2019.

“We must answer the question: What works and what doesn’t to reduce gun violence?” said Collaborative Director Andrew Morral, who noted that the increase in sales of firearms and deaths from gun violence since the COVID-19 outbreak underscored the “urgent need for rigorous research that can inform effective gun policy.”

“The projects we have funded through the National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research highlight many of the areas where more and better research is needed to effectively support development of policies that will save lives.”

Among the 15 research projects to be funded under the new awards are studies of officer-involved shootings, intimate partner gun violence, and the risks and benefits of gun ownership and use.

In addition to the announced grants, the Collaborative’s Research Advisory Committee invited three other applicants to revise and resubmit their proposals. If all three are accepted, an additional $3.1 million in funding will be committed, for a total of up to $10.6 million in awards.

The National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research was seeded with a $20 million gift from Arnold Ventures, and has been supported by contributions from other organizations, including Wells Fargo, Missouri Foundation for Health, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, and the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation.

For a complete list of projects, please click here.

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