Killer of Judge’s Son Had a Dozen Other Possible Targets

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A misogynistic lawyer who is believed to have killed the son of a female federal judge in New Jersey had a list of more than a dozen other possible targets, including three other judges and two doctors, the New York Times reports. The list was found inside a rented car on a rural road in the Catskills in New York, where the lawyer, Roy Den Hollander, 72, had killed himself. Law enforcement officials believe Den Hollander had gone to a house belonging to federal judge Esther Salas on a suburban street in North Brunswick, N.J., and fatally shot her 20-year-old son when he answered the door. He also critically wounded her husband. The judge was unharmed.

Investigators have concluded that Den Hollander traveled eight days earlier by train to California to murder Marc Angelucci, 52, a men’s rights lawyer whom he considered a professional rival. Angelucci was also shot on his doorstep. Salas and Angelucci were included on the list found in the rental car, along with at least 10 other people with whom Den Hollander apparently had scores to settle, including three jurists: New York State’s chief judge, another federal judge in New Jersey, and a state judge in Manhattan who, like Salas, had presided over a case he brought. Also on the list were two oncologists, at least one of whom had treated Den Hollander. Den Hollander had received a terminal cancer diagnosis, and FBI agents were investigating whether that news set him off on a mission of revenge against those he believed were his enemies.

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