Suspected Serial Killer Arrested in Florida

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Last month, Tallahassee, Fl., police trying to find Victoria Sims, a retired state worker who’d gone missing a few days earlier, traced her cellphone to the home of Aaron Glee, Jr. A search of the property and nearby woods turned up the bodies of Sims, 75, and Oluwatoyin Salau, 19, a local student and Black Lives Matter protester who’d been missing about a week, reports the Tallahassee Democrat. Glee, 49, managed to slip out of town before officers arrived, fleeing on a Greyhound bus with bloodstains still on his pants. Police caught up with him at a bus station in Orlando, arresting him on murder, kidnapping and sexual assault charges. Experts said Glee, who has a long history of violence against women and soured relationships with girlfriends and wives, may not have stopped killing otherwise.

“Glee would have killed again if given the chance and most likely intended to acquire additional victims,” said Enzo Yaksic of the Boston-based Atypical Homicide Research Group. Yaksic said Glee demonstrated many of the same behaviors of serial killers, including binding his victims and letting at least one of them die slowly by asphyxiation. “That his assaults occurred over three decades and his victims were usually female shows that Glee’s hatred toward women, a hallmark of serial homicide, manifested gradually until it culminated in the deaths of Salau and Sims — two women who refused to comply with his demands,” he said. Jeffrey Rinek, a retired FBI agent and criminal profiler, said Glee could have cooled off and returned to normal life after the first murder. He struck again, demonstrating an intent to keep killing. “I think he’s a serial killer,” Rinek said.

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