Houston Prosecutor Quits; Compared Protesters to Nazis

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A top Houston prosecutor resigned Monday after posting a meme on Facebook that appeared to equate Nazis with people protesting over George Floyd’s death, the Associated Press reports. Kaylynn Williford, head of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office trial bureau, last week posted the meme that shows a black and white picture of a wooden box full of weddings bands that were removed from Holocaust victims. A caption read, “Each ring represents a destroyed family. Never forget, Nazis tore down statues. Banned free speech. Blamed economic hardships on one group of people. Instituted gun control. Sound familiar?”

Houston attorneys questioned whether the post was derogatory of the Black Lives Matter movement and if it might be racist. “It’s in very poor taste given the context of what’s happening socially around the country,” said criminal defense attorney Mauro Beltramini.  Responding to the critics, Williford said, “If you truly knew me, you would know I never meant anything malicious in sharing a Facebook post … I can only say I am sorry for hurt this had made in the African American or Jewish communities.” District Attorney Kim Ogg said her office “stands for equal justice” and it “has zero tolerance for racism in any shape or form.

One thought on “Houston Prosecutor Quits; Compared Protesters to Nazis

  1. Ms. Williford was absolutely correct in her comparison of the mob to Nazi’s. She did not deserve to lose her position. In fact that proves her point. She dared to criticize protesters/criminals and that is just not allowed – like it was in Nazi Germany. This country is in deep trouble. It is terrifying.

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