Shooter at TX Naval Base Backed ISIS, Al-Qaeda

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The deceased suspect in Thursday’s shooting at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas was Adam Alsahli. 20, reports CNN.  Alsahli drove to an entrance at the naval station and shot a security forces member in the chest, hitting the guard in her bulletproof vest and inflicting non-life-threatening injuries. Alsahli then accelerated towards the gate entrance and crashed into a barrier. After exiting the vehicle, he began shooting, and was shot and killed by naval security forces.

A preliminary investigation identified Alsahli as a U.S. born in Syria, and likely a supporter of Salafi-jihadist ideology. Online postings associated with the shooter expressed support for ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Thursday’s shooting took place just days after the Justice Department announced it had found a link between al-Qaeda and a Saudi military trainee who killed three U.S. sailors and wounded several others in a terror attack last year on Naval Air Station Pensacola.

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