Riot Reported at NYC Youth Detention Center

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Nearly 50 New York police officers were called to help put down a violent, bloody riot that broke out at the city’s Crossroads Juvenile Center on Sunday night when youths managed to break out of their cells, access a supply room, turn mops into weapons and beat several guards, one so badly stitches were needed, reports the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange. The mayhem broke out just days after current and former guards at the facility voiced serious concerns that conditions created by a haphazard makeshift policy in response to the pandemic were desperate and dangerous.

One teen was able to hide a tool in his room and strip the hinge off his door over the course of a week. Once he removed the hinges, he was able to knock down the door and free another five detained youths. Once out, the youths attacked staff members. They threw a blanket over one guard and violently pummelled him with the converted mop handles. The chaos occurred just days after another staffer had his teeth knocked out in another incident at the facility. “The staff is scared to death,” said Derrick Haynes, an 18-year veteran of Horizon Juvenile Center in the Bronx and a friend of one of the guards injured in the melee. “They are scared for their lives. And look what happened — ACS better be glad that one of those kids didn’t kill somebody,” he said referring to the Administration for Children’s Services, the city agency that oversees the high-security detention facilities.

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