Texas Attack on Asian-American Children Fuels Concerns of Hate Crime Surge

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Anti-Hate Crime March at the University of Delaware, Photo by Xander Opiyo via Flickr.

An incident in Midland, Tx., last month in which a man stabbed several members of an Asian-American family, apparently because of fears about the coronavirus, has been listed as a hate crime, reports the Dallas Morning News.

The incident at a Sam’s Club, involving two children ages 2 and 6, was among a surge of hate crimes against Asian-Americans across the U.S. noted in an FBI report.

The suspect indicated he attacked the family “because he thought the family was Chinese and infecting people with the coronavirus,” the Dallas report said.

Jose Gomez III, 19, was charged with three counts of attempted capital murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The FBI thinks such crimes probably “will surge across the United States” as the contagion spreads, “endangering Asian-American communities. … A portion of the U.S. public will associate COVID-19 with China and Asian-American populations.”

President Donald Trump and others have referred to the coronavirus as “the China virus,” drawing ire from critics who say the term is dangerous for the animosity it could foment. “It did come from China,” the president said at a White House briefing. “It is a very accurate term.”

The report was assembled by the FBI’s Houston office and distributed nationwide, ABC News said.

Reports of hate crimes averaging approximately 100 per day, according to Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.), reports The Hill.

In an interview with MSNBC, Chu said “at least 1,000 hate crimes incidents being reported against Asian Americans” after the pandemic arrived stateside.

MSNBC played footage of a man violently demanding an Asian man on the New York subway move away from him. Chu condemned the footage and added that, across the nation, similar attacks have occurred, citing a man being assaulted in New York for wearing a face mask, an Asian man in San Francisco attacked while collecting cans, and a 16-year-old Asian American sent to the hospital after school bullies accused him of carrying the coronavirus.

These are very, very alarming and are not helped by President Trump who calls this the ‘Chinese virus,’ ” Chu said.

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