NJ Man Charged With ‘Terroristic Threats’ in Virus Case

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A man is facing terrorism charges after allegedly coughing on a Wegmans employee in New Jersey and claiming he had the coronavirus, reports the Asbury Park (NJ) Press. George Falcone, 50, of Freehold Township was charged with making terroristic threats, harassment and obstruction after officials said he refused to identify himself or provide identification to township police for more than 40 minutes, said the state Attorney General’s Office. Gov. Phil Murphy, who mentioned the incident at a news conference, said police responded to a call after a man was in a confrontation with a female employee of the supermarket chain and then “coughed on the woman and told her after doing so that he had the coronavirus.”

The employee told Falcone, who was shopping in Manalapan on Sunday, that he was standing too close to her and an open display of prepared foods. The woman asked him to step back as she covered the food. That request prompted Falcone to step forward to within three feet of her, lean over and “purposefully” cough. He then allegedly laughed and said he was infected with the virus.

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