NRA Cuts Salaries 20 Percent in Fundraising Dip

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The National Rifle Association is cutting salaries by 20 percent across the board and laying off employees amid a plunge in fundraising during the coronavirus crisis, reports the Wall Street Journal. The NRA move comes as many companies and organizations trim employees due to coronavirus-related economic disruption. The organization noted that the outbreak already had resulted in the cancellation of its annual meeting, planned for next month, “and caused a major disruption to our fundraising activities,” including Friends of the NRA fundraisers.

Meanwhile, fears associated with the pandemic have resulted in skyrocketing sales of guns and ammunition. “We are taking active measures to ensure the success of our organization and in support of our commitment to NRA members,” the NRA said. “Salary adjustments announced today apply to all levels of the organization. In addition, some senior staff members are voluntarily taking deeper cuts.” NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre, who came under scrutiny last year amid revelations of lavish spending, is taking a pay cut of more than 20 percent. His base salary was $1.27 million in 2018, and his total pay was $2.2 million. “We believe these actions will favorably position the Association leading up to the November election,” the NRA said.

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